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I was reading the Seth Godin Blog… (if you don’t read his blog, you may want to consider it if you enjoy success and well thought, well proven marketing and success ideas…) HINT, HINT!

Anyway, he was sharing some thoughts (again) on the FreeBe, Free,Me, Freegan concept and culture that is becoming the norm rather than the exception in both the success economy as well as the social economy.

Oprah (Yes I watch Oprah) even did a fascinating look at this emerging culture.

How incredibly fascinating…


Certainly in this time “Info” (which has REAL value) this inevitable exchange of FREE information is, just by sheer numbers of access on the web to the modern-day masses, this concept of FREE exchange is going to go UP for sure! It is what WE do as well!

Personally I have always been a fan of giving and gifting, even as a success business model. Not so much from a standpoint of greed, but more of a high-valued perceived gift exchange in a world of commerce that is ever-growing online. (though the strategies apply to the offline world as well… there is just more of an investment of time, talent and treasure.)


Too, some may suggest that from a perspective of ‘influence & persuasion’, especially in a commerce environment, FREE is a powerful support “AND” profit making tool.


What are YOUR Thought and how does it, or does it not play a role in your own life and business today?


Certainly there is always “the GOOD, The BAD as well as The UGLY!! I’d love to hear your insights!


Thinking of YOU and Your Success!


“The DEAN” of Success Hankey

“EnterTrainer & Success Solutionist!”


Your Comments, Ideas, Thoughts… ?

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