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Zoom! Zoom! Zoom You Way To Success!


 Sure “Giving Your Way To Success” is an incredibly important issue and several of you will not even understand how giving equals success in business. That’s fine… it’s a “heart & mind”-set thing in part. Kinda’ like good marketing it is less about “You or Me” than it is about what “others” need.

Yeah, I know we’ve all been told that the POINT of all business is the bottom line profit!

No profit, no business, right?

Well, that is what we’ve been told anyway. Hey, understand me correctly; I am a huge fan of “PROFIT”! Nothing wrong with being handsomely rewarded for helping others get more of what they want need and desire is there? NO! Of course not!

For well over 25 years, people have crowned me the “Profit Prophet”, it’s not what I asked for nor really want out of life, just keep in mind this is all really about passion and balance in business AND in life!

As a group, an community and online family here, WE have been discussion, as the world has, the principle of “Giving, Free, & Focusing on the Wants, Needs and Desires of Others” as success and business model. To that I say BRAVO!

Sure, all seem to at-least give a tip of the hat to the principles expressed here of late, as well as over the years, and for some, it is more of “lifestyle” and for others still, it is just a worthy ideal to maybe, eventually aspire to and the rest are all too busy trying to grow their own business to pay much attention.

We’ve all see “those” websites and “Me Me Me” marketing campaigns haven’t we?

Anyway… allow me to tread lightly into the over-all, true balance in a “complete success, high-performance lifestyle”. ~ Without it, money, fame, fortune and all the trappings of so-called success are of little consequence anyway.

Our lives run on much less than all cylinders necessary to truly gain the speed necessary to win in the success race unless we learn to embrace this balanced lifestyle thing.

Again, as I said, it’s often more of a “Heart & Mind”-set thing… Let’s just look at “BALANCE” as if it was and engine that makes us “GO” in life. (In no particular order as all are inexplicably intertwined)

=1) 1 Cylinder is obviously “Financial/Business” Success.

=2) 1 Cylinder has to be our “physical” success. Our health… the part we can impact on a regular basis anyway.

=3) 1 Cylinder is “Relational Success”. How well we serve and support and interact with others.

=4) 1 Cylinder is “Emotional” success. How well we “Cope/Deal” in the world. This is our “Self Confidence” and all the emotional wherewith all we have or do not have. This too impacts all the other cylinders as well, as do ALL the cylinders, but this is a more essential cylinder to “grease” and maintain, as it were. That is if you are a 4 Cylinder vehicle… the more cylinders you have, the more power you have as well.

Let’s look at just two more to make it 6 Cylinders, OK?

=5) 1 Cylinder is Growth & Education. If we stop learning and growing, we are dying… rigor mortise sets in and we become stiff and rigged till we fade away.

=6) 1 Cylinder is our Spiritual Connection/Convictions. The part of us that is connected to something greater than ourselves and yet often ignored, but has the greatest impact on the rest of the vehicles over-all performance! (Especially as it all relates to what we refer to as “BUSINESS”… this is a huge mistake. Take CARE if this cylinder too!) The high performers have 8 Cylinders…

=7) 1 Cylinder is our Moral/Ethical outlook, experience and behavior.

=8) 1 Cylinder is Care & Contribution… it’s “what we put-out” in the world. Is it pollution or clean air… does it advance or decay our environment? Too, applying this simple metaphor, each part is designed to work “together”, WITH each other for maximum success… one cylinder relies on the other for maximum output! If a cylinder goes bad, or is not working at maximum capacity, the overall performance output suffers. Our ability to “merge into speeding traffic” is slowed, even dangerously so… they must all be working to the very best of their designed abilities for “high-performance” output!

So TODAY, are we running on all 8 cylinders, or is it time to go in for a diagnostic review and tune-up?

Certainly there is LOT more in making a vehicle “GO” that just the cyclers. There are all the nuts and bolts that hold it all together, the inflated and balanced wheels, the steering and directional mechanisms, the gas & break peddles… on and on and on.

I’m sure that any one of us could write a much-needed, even best selling book following this simple metaphor along theses life principles of success or failure.

Like the tool box full of different tools we keep referring to here, each designed for a specific purpose, goal & outcome, but still, the entirety of the system works TOGETHER for the overall good of the vehicle and all we serve… right?

Obviously I am not always firing well on all 8 cylinders… sometimes there is gunk and build-up, or I have just plane neglected one or more parts of my “high-performance-engine” until it sputters for help… we all have!

I guess the only real point of this share is that sometimes we need to go in for a well deserved “tune-up and regular scheduled maintenance” to keep our vehicles in top performance shape.

I know I should, and sometimes even do. On occasion, I even get a new accessory, high-performance kit upgrade, paintjob… BUT I have also had a few flat tires along the roadside or thrown a rod or two, and such is life.

I guess we can only do the best we can with the resources we have.

+ What kind of fuel are we putting into out engines?
+ Are we racing around not paying attention to the carbon on our spark plugs?
+ Are we paying attention to, and rotating our tires, changing our oil, doing our “PM’s” (Preventative Maintenance) along the way, or are we running our vehicles off-road and into the mud?

Speaking for myself, I do some of each.

Too often, I do not feed it the best “fuel” as I always could and occasionally I don’t stop at the prescribed rest-stops for the PM’s and maintenance requires, and still other times I could win any race out there…so what do we do?

The simple answer is: “The Best We Can With The Resources We Have!” (Even if the resource we have at the time is crap!) Sometimes we just need to be reminded with a factory post-card in the mail that it is TIME to work on our vehicle regardless of what-else is going on in our lives. ~ To make sure that our batteries are charged, the tires are inflated and evenly worn and that all cylinders are firing in the right order… etc.

How is YOUR Vehicle doing?

Maybe it’s time for you to bore-out your CYLINDERS and get things firing back on “ALL EIGHT”!

Varoom! Varoom! Varoom!

A Time To Remember…

Sometimes we just need to take moment to honor our core, foundational principles of success.

THIS is one of those moments…

I share this, not as any sort of “GURU” (Cuz I am NOT) but rather because it is about time once again that we ALL remind ourselves of some of the basic, never-ending truths upon which we build our success lives upon!

PLEASE do yourself a favor and take moment to remember and honor the basics of success that the rest of all of life is based upon, or at-least ONE of them.

Benjamin Franklin was sage in this way as he would focus, over time on theses inevitable truths he referred to as “Virtues”. We will just call them “Foundations”, OK?

FIRST; allow me to start out by clarifying one Mission Critical Point:

 ** “The POINT of successful and effective marketing has a whole lot LESS to do with making each of US look like a “STAR” and a whole lot MORE about making OTHERS (your buyers/audience/clients/relationships) look like  the “STARS” that ‘they’ are!” **

SURE, there are a zillion ways to accomplish this. Plus, that is a pretty BIG concept and at this point you either “get-it or you do not”. Neither makes us good or bad at this stage of the game, it is just what is…

That said;
REMEMBER, the more you really focus on the success of others, the more YOU will become the “star” that you long to be. This is not some ‘ethereal notion or ideal’, this is the fact of life…

SURE there are some powerful influence, persuasion, marketing strategies, tips, tricks, techniques and success tools that will help you to make your journey a whole lot shorter, but there is no shortcut to helping others get more of what THEY want need and desire!

Start where you can start and DO SOMETHING now!

Will everything you do be “perfect”?

NOPE, but I will share with you a dirty little secret that most proven success experts don’t want you to know… MOST of what we still do, to this day is not “perfect”, but we DO IT ANYWAY!

Babe Ruth or “any” success story reads much the same and has less to do with the home runs than it has to do with the sheer number of time they got up to bat and TOOK THE SWING!

= Decide
= Plan
= Tweak, Test and Evaluate
…lather, rinse, and repeat!

The more you do it, the better you will get, so GO DO IT!

It turns out that it is just about TIME for us all (With Mirror Firmly In Hand) to revisit and remember now this basic foundational truth!

I will leave you with THIS:
If you “genuinely” have the best and highest good in mind for your re-elationships as you do for yourself, you already KNOW what is the RIGHT thing to do. The way you SERVE Them is the way you will end-up being served yourself… so take better care of them and everything will work-out just fine!

Thinking of YOU and Your Success!
I am, at your service and In HIS Service,


I was reading the Seth Godin Blog… (if you don’t read his blog, you may want to consider it if you enjoy success and well thought, well proven marketing and success ideas…) HINT, HINT!

Anyway, he was sharing some thoughts (again) on the FreeBe, Free,Me, Freegan concept and culture that is becoming the norm rather than the exception in both the success economy as well as the social economy.

Oprah (Yes I watch Oprah) even did a fascinating look at this emerging culture.

How incredibly fascinating…


Certainly in this time “Info” (which has REAL value) this inevitable exchange of FREE information is, just by sheer numbers of access on the web to the modern-day masses, this concept of FREE exchange is going to go UP for sure! It is what WE do as well!

Personally I have always been a fan of giving and gifting, even as a success business model. Not so much from a standpoint of greed, but more of a high-valued perceived gift exchange in a world of commerce that is ever-growing online. (though the strategies apply to the offline world as well… there is just more of an investment of time, talent and treasure.)


Too, some may suggest that from a perspective of ‘influence & persuasion’, especially in a commerce environment, FREE is a powerful support “AND” profit making tool.


What are YOUR Thought and how does it, or does it not play a role in your own life and business today?


Certainly there is always “the GOOD, The BAD as well as The UGLY!! I’d love to hear your insights!


Thinking of YOU and Your Success!


“The DEAN” of Success Hankey

“EnterTrainer & Success Solutionist!”


Your Comments, Ideas, Thoughts… ?

‘Adjust’ Your Way To Success!

One of the most profound success insights of the most constant, persistent achievers in the world is the skill and discipline of constantly “evaluating” where they are and then”adjusting” their altitude and longitude for maximum on-target results.

Not even a seasoned pilot just sets course and then forgets about it. – – Did you know that 98% of all “successful piloting” is about constant evaluation and ensuring that you are still heading towards the right destination? It’s true! Constantly comparing their way against their Navigation MAPs and Plans against where they are now in relation to where they want to be and then simply (and constantly) adjust their course AND actions to accomplish their goal of arriving on target, on time and in one piece.

Certainly, they must make appropriate allowances (NOT Excuses… TIP!) for weather patters, other flights, passenger well being, wind-speed and direction and all manor of other distractions that just plane get-in-the-way of arriving at the desired objective destination on target, as planned!

Sound familiar?

On occasion, (even OFTEN) it is perfectly fine to reflect on what you have actually accomplished, realize that; “if you’ve done it successfully before, you can do it successfully again” and in most cases, all you have to do is “DO WHAT YOU DID THAT WORKED” last time and voile’, s if by some strange magic, you will likely be able to duplicate your past success!

Imagine that… do what you did before that worked and get results that worked again? – Nah, that’ll never work! (Hehehehehehe!)

Am I suggesting the we never try anything NEW?

Of course not! Just not in complete opposition to what we know is proven to have worked already… a little common sense please, right?

Lately for some, such is NOT the case. Well too often, because of this day n’ age of “all too much information at our fingertips” (Literally) it is EASY to get “board” (the Kiss of DEATH for the REAL pro!) with what we are actually DOING “that works” and we too easily get ‘distracted’ by some new shinny, new tip, trick, technique and/or way of doing things, when in-fact if we just keep on keeping on DOING WHAT WORKS and maybe ever-so-slightly tweaking and refining THAT, but rather, what we (yes “WE”) do is get caught in a cycle of trying a bunch of new-fangled shinny success traps only to get our fingers snapped off in the process… while our success tail-feathers and life go whizzing right by us at the seep of light!


So, just to acknowledge that it is perfectly OK, better yet, “necessary and essential” to make those ever vigil evaluation, observations, testing and appropriate “adjusting”, even repositioning along the way to success is perfectly normal and to be expected to keep us well on our established “Success Track” to make certain that we actually ARRIVE and on Time, with success firmly in hand.

So buckle up and get back behind the controls, place your tray-tables and seats-backs in the fully up-right and locked position as “Success Flight 2008″ is well on-course and ready for another exciting flight into the stratus!”

Ay, Ay Captain!

Looking forward to more and amazing success!

Thinking of YOU and Your Success!
TheDEAN of Success

“The KEY To Success Lies In The SIMPLE Fact That Successful People Have Formed The Habit Of DOING The Things that un-Successful People Are Un-Willing To Do… Regardless Of How They FEEL!”

Something terrible happens when you don’t take action… NOTHING!

Success is a VERB! – It Requires ACTION! – It Doesn’t Matter How You FEEL! …Do It Anyway!