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A Time To Remember…

Sometimes we just need to take moment to honor our core, foundational principles of success.

THIS is one of those moments…

I share this, not as any sort of “GURU” (Cuz I am NOT) but rather because it is about time once again that we ALL remind ourselves of some of the basic, never-ending truths upon which we build our success lives upon!

PLEASE do yourself a favor and take moment to remember and honor the basics of success that the rest of all of life is based upon, or at-least ONE of them.

Benjamin Franklin was sage in this way as he would focus, over time on theses inevitable truths he referred to as “Virtues”. We will just call them “Foundations”, OK?

FIRST; allow me to start out by clarifying one Mission Critical Point:

 ** “The POINT of successful and effective marketing has a whole lot LESS to do with making each of US look like a “STAR” and a whole lot MORE about making OTHERS (your buyers/audience/clients/relationships) look like  the “STARS” that ‘they’ are!” **

SURE, there are a zillion ways to accomplish this. Plus, that is a pretty BIG concept and at this point you either “get-it or you do not”. Neither makes us good or bad at this stage of the game, it is just what is…

That said;
REMEMBER, the more you really focus on the success of others, the more YOU will become the “star” that you long to be. This is not some ‘ethereal notion or ideal’, this is the fact of life…

SURE there are some powerful influence, persuasion, marketing strategies, tips, tricks, techniques and success tools that will help you to make your journey a whole lot shorter, but there is no shortcut to helping others get more of what THEY want need and desire!

Start where you can start and DO SOMETHING now!

Will everything you do be “perfect”?

NOPE, but I will share with you a dirty little secret that most proven success experts don’t want you to know… MOST of what we still do, to this day is not “perfect”, but we DO IT ANYWAY!

Babe Ruth or “any” success story reads much the same and has less to do with the home runs than it has to do with the sheer number of time they got up to bat and TOOK THE SWING!

= Decide
= Plan
= Tweak, Test and Evaluate
…lather, rinse, and repeat!

The more you do it, the better you will get, so GO DO IT!

It turns out that it is just about TIME for us all (With Mirror Firmly In Hand) to revisit and remember now this basic foundational truth!

I will leave you with THIS:
If you “genuinely” have the best and highest good in mind for your re-elationships as you do for yourself, you already KNOW what is the RIGHT thing to do. The way you SERVE Them is the way you will end-up being served yourself… so take better care of them and everything will work-out just fine!

Thinking of YOU and Your Success!
I am, at your service and In HIS Service,

About the Author Dean Hankey

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