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‘Adjust’ Your Way To Success!

One of the most profound success insights of the most constant, persistent achievers in the world is the skill and discipline of constantly “evaluating” where they are and then”adjusting” their altitude and longitude for maximum on-target results.

Not even a seasoned pilot just sets course and then forgets about it. – – Did you know that 98% of all “successful piloting” is about constant evaluation and ensuring that you are still heading towards the right destination? It’s true! Constantly comparing their way against their Navigation MAPs and Plans against where they are now in relation to where they want to be and then simply (and constantly) adjust their course AND actions to accomplish their goal of arriving on target, on time and in one piece.

Certainly, they must make appropriate allowances (NOT Excuses… TIP!) for weather patters, other flights, passenger well being, wind-speed and direction and all manor of other distractions that just plane get-in-the-way of arriving at the desired objective destination on target, as planned!

Sound familiar?

On occasion, (even OFTEN) it is perfectly fine to reflect on what you have actually accomplished, realize that; “if you’ve done it successfully before, you can do it successfully again” and in most cases, all you have to do is “DO WHAT YOU DID THAT WORKED” last time and voile’, s if by some strange magic, you will likely be able to duplicate your past success!

Imagine that… do what you did before that worked and get results that worked again? – Nah, that’ll never work! (Hehehehehehe!)

Am I suggesting the we never try anything NEW?

Of course not! Just not in complete opposition to what we know is proven to have worked already… a little common sense please, right?

Lately for some, such is NOT the case. Well too often, because of this day n’ age of “all too much information at our fingertips” (Literally) it is EASY to get “board” (the Kiss of DEATH for the REAL pro!) with what we are actually DOING “that works” and we too easily get ‘distracted’ by some new shinny, new tip, trick, technique and/or way of doing things, when in-fact if we just keep on keeping on DOING WHAT WORKS and maybe ever-so-slightly tweaking and refining THAT, but rather, what we (yes “WE”) do is get caught in a cycle of trying a bunch of new-fangled shinny success traps only to get our fingers snapped off in the process… while our success tail-feathers and life go whizzing right by us at the seep of light!


So, just to acknowledge that it is perfectly OK, better yet, “necessary and essential” to make those ever vigil evaluation, observations, testing and appropriate “adjusting”, even repositioning along the way to success is perfectly normal and to be expected to keep us well on our established “Success Track” to make certain that we actually ARRIVE and on Time, with success firmly in hand.

So buckle up and get back behind the controls, place your tray-tables and seats-backs in the fully up-right and locked position as “Success Flight 2008″ is well on-course and ready for another exciting flight into the stratus!”

Ay, Ay Captain!

Looking forward to more and amazing success!

Thinking of YOU and Your Success!
TheDEAN of Success

“The KEY To Success Lies In The SIMPLE Fact That Successful People Have Formed The Habit Of DOING The Things that un-Successful People Are Un-Willing To Do… Regardless Of How They FEEL!”

Something terrible happens when you don’t take action… NOTHING!

Success is a VERB! – It Requires ACTION! – It Doesn’t Matter How You FEEL! …Do It Anyway!

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