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How Do You "VIP"?

We've shared a TON of ways to 'VIP' and make massive money for the value and results you deliver for the market and those you aim to serve... VIDEO is just ONE! (and it's Free & Easy! - Or Cheap and even easier if you use Fiverr!) [Which I did not here, but just sayin' yo don't have to do it all yourself!]

Revisit the "Value Stack" video training over and over till it become WHO YOU ARE and you will never have to sell or work another day or event in your life!

HERE are a few video links to several KISS Video value-adds I did for one of my event family members. (National Kitchen & Bath Association)

I did a few Local VIP Business Spotlight videos and a couple short (simple) video promos including a "Invitation From Your Speaker" video telling them what they can expect to see (What's In-It For Them!) from me at their event...

I guarantee you that 'NO OTHER' solutions provider (unless they were trained by me!) is doing these kind of thing(s)... and it's free and ez to do!

=> HOW Can YOU Add Value For Those you aim to serve and Make Massive Money Doing What You LOVE!?

By the way... several of the 'spotlight' business want more and are willing to PAY for it! - Will likely call them "CHAMPIONS" for our big business building event in January that will serve and impact local area charities! (Go Figure!) Win! WIN! W-I-N! <3

Think About It!

~ Deano in Reno


Pay It Forward & Profit... LIVE! - Online Training and Q & A's and TakeAways!

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: MicroTraining - Break-A-Leg! Get On Stage In Life & in Business!

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: Value-Add Video: Speaker Invite Video

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: MicroTraining Video - "V" in The VAK.

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: Business Success Spotlight!

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: Interview Style Program Promo.

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: Live Event Promo... Edited Montage.

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: Straight Up Marketing/Promo Montage.

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: Screen Capture Tech-Training Video.

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: Live, 'In The Moment' Video Tips eMinder.

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: Live 'Observational Success' Videos.

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: Social Video Meme

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: MicroTraining Video - Video ROCKS!

SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: Success eMainder Tips Video


SAMPLE/EXAMPLE: VIP Value Video MicroTip on vMail Using LOOM

BONUS: Value Video Media Resources! (Below)


Vip Value Videos!

=> Video Creator / Editor / FX Resources:

(Most Have Some-Level Of FREE Access)

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  • (GIF Creation and Video To GIF… and More)
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  • (GOOD! Free & Pro & Very Simple!)
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  • (Tons of Video Services - Outsourcing)

=> FREE Video & Motion Backgrounds


=> FREE Bumper Video FX: (Intros/Outros)

  • (Some Great FREE Templates… VERY Cheap For The Rest)
  • (Not Free, But Cheap $5 and up)
  • (Not Free, But Cheap)
  • (Free & Pro Options)

=> FREE Audio & Recording Resources:

  • (FREE Multitrack Audio Editing Pro Solution!)

=> Live Streaming Resources:

  • (The Grandaddy of LS - Free & Pro)
  • (Free Live Streaming, Just Like FB...)
  • (Oddly, NOT as good as the 3rd party streaming services for desktop, But THE Place To Be!)
  • (It’s Kinda’ Crap, but many use it since it is cheap.)
  • (Great FREE Version and PRO Version, [NOT Expensive] but Full Featured and Stable… One of, if not THE Best!)
  • (Screen Recording, Sharing, Editing. I LOVE & Use This EveryDay!)

=> Transcription, Lower Thirds, Closed Caption :

Transcription: (Free To $1 Min)

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~ FREE: YouTube ‘Auto’ Transcription… CC (Closed Caption) Requires some ‘cleaning up’ of time codes, but it’s free.) Transcripts are a full level-up when learning for me as well! - KISS How To Videos.

  • Dean Show You How To Create Free Transcripts From YouTube Videos:
  • HERE is The Free YouTube Online Transcript Timestamp Cleaner:

~ FREE Google Docs Audio Dictate/Transcription tool. (...and low fee)

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  • ~ AWS -  | (Technology Still In Process...)
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