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Seriously... I KNOW Your Pain! ~ We All Have Invested Boat-Loads Of Time & Money Into All Those Trainings, Courses, Systems, Tools, Trainings, Seminars, Systems, Workshops and Programs and No Matter How GREAT (or Not) They May Be, You STILL Don't Have The BIG RESULTS You've Been Promised! ~ I Close??? (Of Course I am... We've ALL Been There! - 100's of Thousands of dollars worth in my business anyway!)

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Look, I DO pay attention to you and your feedback and in as much as you May Have WANTED to have 'Your Own Exclusive VIP Day Experience' with me working directly on your business success outcomes and Get Er' DONE, I realize that for some of you our $24,000.00 ImpleMENTOR Profit Protégé, Inner Circle membership and/or the $10,000.00 One Full Day “One-On-One, Exclusive VIP Immersion Experience” might be a bit too rich for your blood. That’s fine… I Get It. ~ You May Want To Read This THIS Very Special Opportunity That Just Might Be PERFECT Just For YOU!

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=2) I’m going to open it up to a Super Exclusive, FOUR New Dedicated Professionals (Per VIP Group Session MAX) for a very powerful (Very) Small GROUP Gathering and an up to THREE Full-Day, VIP “Get Er’ DONE” ImpleMentor Income Immersion Intensive.

Honestly, HERE'S THE BIG SUCCESS HICCUP 'Guru's Don't think You already Know'... but we are smarter than that! - Listen, everyone KNOWS that we've all purchased all those cool products, programs, seminars, courses and even group-member coaching and STILL, Somehow MOST don't & didn’t fully follow through on them and get real stuff DONE! (even with the very best of intentions.) So NOW, HERE is Your Chance To ACTUALLY "Get Er' DONE" For Real This Time! ...seriously​!

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It's called the "Get Er’ Done VIP ImpleMentor Income, Immersion Intensive!" and it IS, very likely exactly what you need to finally start bringing in the REAL INCOME you've been trying so desperately to earn!

Listen, I’ve been there! (We've ALL Been There!) Unfortunately, most of these seminar events and training programs just ‘pump you up’ and even give you give you some great ideas & inspiration, BUT THEN when it's crunch time, it's all left up to YOU to take all the ‘action’ all by yourself. ~ You get home all jacked up and excited... and then it all just eventually fades away with little REAL RESULTS to show for it all. ~ Been There, Done That... Got The T-Shirt!

Sadly, most simply never DO The BIG ACTION Things Necessary. – The GREAT NEWS Is… I Know Why! (and Can Help!) See, when you hang out with me for a few powerful, ACTION-Filled days here in Reno, You Actually Go Home With Real RESULTSFinally, DoneDONE & D-O-N-E! - Magically Ready To Monetize! (99% of The Real Battle... DONE!)

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~ Come To RENO and our resort playground and work destination here in Reno (Nevada) area so we can Get To WORK on YOU, Your Business Success and finally "Get Er' DONE" post haste!

~ I'll Personally Put You Up In A Reno Area Resort Hotel Where we will we will stay, play (and of-course) WORK and most importantly actually ‘Get Er’ DONE’ for YOU and Your Business Success!

~ We will get together and Get Er’ Done from 9a to 5p for up to 3 Full Days In A Row! (Depending how many are in each small group session.)

~ Heck, we will even hang out socially in the evening if you like, so I can show you my awesome little town (ie: Maybe a Nice Dinner, Live Casino Show, Comedy Club, Movie, Karaoke… whatever. ~ Either way, we'll have FUN! ~ …and I’m always learning & sharing, so there’s that!) Heck, I'll even get the 'healthy snacks' and bottled water So We Can Stay FOCUSED and Productive!

~ During our 'Get Er' DONE' ACTION Time together each full day, we will each work on YOUR project(s)! (your Website, Lead Generation, Product Creation, Sales Conversion, Videos, Marketing & Promotions Success… etc) REAL ACTION STUFF! (REMEMBER; it is a ‘Get Er’ DONE, VIP’ ImpleMentor, Income Immersion Intensive!)

I will PERSONALLY help you with copy, credibility, lead generation, booking strategies, product creation, Facebook, marketing monetization… whatever I can do that you need to get your project DONE and ready to finally get REAL MONEY flowing for you and your business success! We'll be WORKING and LEARNING with & from each other all at the same time! (This is Huuuuge!)

~ And THEN, There's THIS: As a bonus I'll Gift You Our Very Own Exclusive, Private, Closed-Door “ImpleMENTOR, Profit Protégé Inner Circle Coaching & Accountability Training” membership access time together ‘Just For US’ (Online) Before AND After we actually meet live and in person here in Reno so we can get maximum RESULTS from our precious time together, ‘boots on the ground, get er’ done’ action outcomes for your amazing monetizable business success! (FINALLY!!)

~ Too, If you've purchased any one of my core 'ImpleMentor' Success Support Solutions (Coaching, Products, Trainings… etc) this last year or so (10-12 Mo.) , we may be able to apply some or all of that amount toward your total tuition commitment in your “Get Er’ Done VIP ImpleMentor, Income Immersion Intensive(So it's like getting those previous programs potentially 100% FREE! ~ Whoo Hoo!)

~ Great News: It Will NOT Be $10,000.00 per person (Not Even Close!) When you reach out to me  for a quick chat at! (Right NOW! Remember, there are ONLY 4 New Member Slots Available on a First Come, First Served Basis!) 

Start The Year Already DONE! Making Real Money!

Hey, I'm even happy to discuss an EZ-PZ payment plan if that helps for our VIP, Get Er’ Done Experience together, with your simple skin-in-the-game tuition commitment as long as it satisfied by your actual trip here to Reno for our “Get Er’ DONE, VIP ImpleMentor Income, Immersion Intensive!” ~ Either way... Let's Chat! (

Like I said; It’s NOT $10,000.00 Like My Full-On ONE-ON-ONE VIP Day… Or The $24,000.00 for our Group Profit Protégé Membership! - The GREAT NEWS is, it's is a measly 2,500 (Total) to join us and actually (FINALLY) "GET Er' DONE!", (That's A LOT Less Than It's Costing YOU (Right Now) Not To Have It DONE... That Is For SURE! ~ IMAGINE Having Your Key Stuff Actualy Completed... DONE! ~ Making Real Money! Real Success RESULTS For The New Year! What Would THAT Do For YOU and Your Business Success Bottom Line?!) but ONLY for the FIRST Four each that raise their hand and reach out to me personally and say YES Dean, I Wanna’ Actually GET ER’ DONE In My Business Success Now With Your Help Now! ~ REMEMBER... I'm Also Taking Care Of Your Resort Stay Here in Reno! ~ Whoo Hoo!

The way to take action on this is to reply to me personally (Reply To or Jump On My Calendar: NOW! (SERIOUSLY, The SOONER The Better Since There Are ONLY 4 New VIP Member Slots Available!) Simply let me know what you'd like to accomplish and your ideal dates for a visit. - We will then set up a direct and personal web-chat (Phone/Online) and figure out a 'Get Er' Done' strategy and the simple logistics and how to Make It Happen and "Get Er' DONE!" trip here to Reno for You and Your "Get Er' DONE" Business Success Fast!! ~ EZ-PZ Fresh & Breezy!

Understand This… A TON can happen when we Take Massive ACTION for up to 3 powerful productive, profit-producing days together (PLUS our "Before & After" Action Mastermind!) and you'll have me with my 40+ years and more than 30,000 live paid event success experience in your corner making sure we "Get Er’ Done"!

Simply reach out right now, ( and let's set up a time to discuss a plan to finally get your project DONE and making real money for you and your business success as soon as possible!

Hope That Serves YOU and Your Success!

I am at Your Service and In HIS Service,
~ Deano
(Serving You and Your Success!) in Reno

Your Real-Live "Get Er' DONE, VIP ImpleMentor, Income, Immersion Intensive!" VIRTUAL Online Sessions May Be An Available Option For YOU If The Travel/Date/Time Is An Insurmountable Consideration For You To GET STUFF DONE! (Plus You'll SAVE Travel Expenses...)  We Can Figure This All Out When We Chat Live & In Person! RESULTS is What Matters! ~ or eMail Me Personally: 

 You might wonder why I've chosen to cover your resort lodging for this when you JOIN ME Here in Reno. The truth is, I think that's what may stand in the way of coming to see me and actually digging down and Finally Getting Stuff DONE in your business success. - Look, too many conferences and programs leave us with a bunch of empty motivation, an unhappy spouse, with little more to show for it all is a big-fat hotel bill. - So simply wanted to remove some of that yucky stuff and just get you to Reno so that we can "Get Er' DONE" & make 2018 your best year if that’s what you want!

By the way, (Micro-Tip) this kind of offer is one of the awesome advantages of being your own boss. (Hint! Hint! - Wink! Wink! - Nudge! Nudge!) It may be quite possible that you-too can set up a business model in this kind of way if You Want and invite your favorite client friends & family to play with YOU in your hometown... you can!  - Dunno’, ‘maybe’ you should be considering doing this in your business as well. :-) No biggy… just sayin’. (As a Matter of fact, I can even help you with that if you want!)

ANYWAY… Just reply to me personally and let me know you want to “GET STUFF DONE and finally make real money in business and we'll simply set up a call and a plan to DO Just That!

REMEMBER you will likely want to read this email at least again just to be clear. Seriously! - Chat Soon! ~ Let Me Help You Finally "Get Er' DONE!"

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